Male orgasm is an intensely pleasurable sensation that normally ends with a release of semen from the genitalia. This seminal fluid emission is known as ejaculation. However, some conditions can affect your ability to ejaculate. If you’re not emitting semen during orgasm, you might have a condition called anejaculation. This article explores anejaculation as a disorder and identifies the causes, symptoms, and also the possible treatments.

What is Anejaculation?

Anejaculation is an ejaculatory disorder and is a type of sexual dysfunction. It’s the inability to release semen upon reaching orgasm. Some men experience delayed ejaculation in which further stimulation is needed to ejaculate. In this case, they have an orgasm without ejaculation.

According to research, about 0.14% of adults have this problem[1], especially among men with spinal conditions, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

The two types of anejaculation are situational and total anejaculation.

Total anejaculation is the inability to release seminal fluid every time you reach orgasm. Situational anejaculation means you can ejaculate occasionally.

Total anejaculation is further divided into two types and these are anorgasmic and orgasmic anejaculations. Anorgasmic anejaculation means you cannot have an orgasm or ejaculate semen when you’re awake. However, orgasm and ejaculation may or may not occur when you’re asleep.

Orgasmic anejaculation also known as dry orgasm means you’re able to reach orgasm during sex or masturbation, but you’re unable to ejaculate semen.

What are the Symptoms of Anejaculation?

Anejaculation can significantly affect your sexual enjoyment and may impact your bedroom experience with your partner. Recognizing the symptoms is essential to reducing its effects on your self-esteem.

The most obvious symptom is the absence of releasing semen even when you reach an orgasm. On some occasions, you can ejaculate during masturbation but not during sex. This can also happen the other way around where you ejaculate during sex but not during masturbation.

How Does Anejaculation Affect Your Fertility?

Fertility is the ability to produce offspring and is an important marker for men in starting a family. However, certain things can impact your ability to make your partner conceive.

Anejaculation is one of the many disorders and conditions that can interfere with your fertility. Remember that semen is an essential factor required for pregnancy to happen. If you cannot ejaculate during sex, conceiving becomes much harder.

There are options that you and your partner can explore to address this condition. For example, you may consider psychological treatments especially if you suspect stress and emotional problems are causing your anejaculation. You may also opt for other procedures where eggs and sperm cells are extracted, fertilized, and inserted into the uterus to develop.

Causes and Risk Factors of Anejaculation

Both physical and psychological factors can cause anejaculation. It’s always recommended to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and to examine other factors as the possible reasons why you’re experiencing symptoms of anejaculation.

In situational anejaculation, your doctor may link psychological influences such as stress, anxiety, and depression. These are factors that can have an impact on your libido and bedroom performance, and may even cause your ability to reach orgasm and ejaculate.

While psychological factors are common reasons behind anejaculation, certain physical factors can also cause this condition.

Some of these causes include:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Spina bifida
  • Injuries to your spinal cord
  • Infections affecting your pelvis and groin regions
  • Surgeries on the pelvis and groin

Some medications can also be related to anejaculation. For example, alpha-blocker drugs can impact your ability to ejaculate normally.

What are the Treatment Options?

Treatment highly depends on why you’re experiencing anejaculation. Consulting a doctor can help you manage your situation and may advise you to undergo medications if necessary. Your doctor can do a physical exam and order tests to know the root cause.

The treatment approach is different for psychological and physical causes.

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues, your doctor may recommend therapy. The therapist or counselor can help you manage your emotional and psychological state and walk you through to improve your coping mechanisms.

Some medications can also help reduce the impact of depression and anxiety disorders on your daily life. These medications work by altering the balance of certain neurotransmitters in your brain.

While they can be effective, some antidepressants can also impact your libido and can cause other sexual problems[2]. Talking to a doctor can help you address your concerns. They can prescribe you medications with minimal side effects.

Your doctor may advise you to undergo a series of medical tests to determine if your physical health conditions are causing your anejaculation. These physical exams can also help them understand the severity of your condition and ascertain the right treatment.

For example, diabetes can weaken the seminal movement and discharge in the urethra. Improving your blood glucose levels can help to reduce the rate at which high blood sugar damages nerves and blood vessels.

Certain medications that address physical conditions can also alter your ability to ejaculate. It’s always best to talk to a health professional and discuss the possible effects of your medications on your sexual performance. They may advise you to take them on a lower dosage and then continuously monitor your progress to see if the medication is the problem.

Other Options to Help With Anejaculation

Other techniques can also help you enjoy your bedroom experiences. Using sexual devices can further stimulate your arousal and can potentially help you achieve orgasmic ejaculations.

One treatment option that has shown potential in helping with anejaculation is the use of vibrator stimulation[3]. Electroejaculation stimulation is a viable option for fertility and conception purposes. However, options like vibratory stimulators can also offer a safe way to increase ejaculation rate.

If you have anorgasmia or delayed ejaculation, certain drugs can potentially help you reach an orgasm. Remember that orgasms can potentially lead to ejaculation.


Anejaculation can cause sexual concerns and affect your ability to enjoy intimate pleasures. If you’ve been experiencing delayed or lack of ejaculations, it is best to speak with a medical doctor and discuss your case. Putting this aside can significantly affect your bedroom experiences and potentially damage your relationship with your partner. Whether it is total or situational anejaculation, the effects can be detrimental not only to your mental health but also to your physical well-being. Self-awareness is key to achieving a sound body and mind.





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