Get a Larger Erection With Virectin – The Science Behind The Formula

While male sexual decline isn’t widely discussed, it’s a problem that many men experience at some point in life. Aside from issues such as poor sexual stamina, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and low testosterone levels, most men simply want to get a large, strong erection that will improve the quality of their sexual performance and pleasure their partner.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already decided that you want to enhance your sexual activity, and that includes getting and maintaining a powerful, impressive erection. You’ve read about the amazing benefits Virectin offers and seen the numerous success stories from satisfied users – you may even know that it’s the most powerful male enhancement product on the market! It’s important to note, however, that you do NOT need to have erectile dysfunction to take Virectin – you just need to have the desire for a large erection that you can rely on each and every time. Because the scientifically advanced formula works on multiple levels, you’ll never experience the embarrassment and stress of failing to perform ever again – with Virectin you will rise to the occasion on demand!

But, before you make your order, you may be asking yourself, what makes Virectin stand out among all those other brands of male enhancement products on the market? To answer this question, you need to understand exactly how it works to produce the shocking results our customers are already experiencing!

Unlike most male enhancement formulas that only contain two or three active ingredients Virectin is composed of over 16 clinically proven ingredients packed into one powerful proprietary formula! In fact, Virectin contains more patented ingredients than any other male performance product on the market, helping you finally get that large erection you’ve always dreamed of. Taken regularly, Virectin works to:

  • Boost blood flow to the penis*
  • Optimize testosterone levels*
  • Increase the libido & sexual desire*

Three Steps To Amazing Erection Results!

To fully understand how Virectin works, you need to know how blood flow, testosterone and a strong libido all work hand in hand to help you achieve a powerful erection and, in turn, enhance your whole sexual performance.

Increased Blood Flow

Virectin Before & After

First, let’s look at the anatomy of your penis and what it takes to achieve a rigid, long-lasting erection. The penis has two structures called the corpora cavernosa – they extend along the length of the penis and can be visualized as hollow tubes. When a man becomes aroused sexually, blood flows into the corpora cavernosa, completely engorging them until they are completely full and rock solid; if that blood flow is compromised in any way, the result is erectile dysfunction and a flaccid, limp penis.

Virectin has been specifically formulated to optimize this essential blood flow upon arousal by boosting Nitric Oxide production and widening the blood vessels, a process called vasodilation. Using safe, natural substances that include the amino acid L-Arginine and botanical extract Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, the formula starts working quickly in the system, without the risk of dangerous side effects that certain prescription medications can cause. This increased flow of blood to the penile chambers will not only accelerate the process of getting an erection but will also allow the penis to stay fully erect for longer, maximizing sexual stamina and staying power.

Optimal Testosterone Levels