With age, many men begin to experience sexual issues such as reduced libido, decreased stamina, and difficulties maintaining an erection which can lead to anxiety, low confidence, and poor mood, ultimately impacting performance.

Many men prefer an all-natural solution to pharmaceutical intervention, and Eroboost is one of the options available that promise to enhance male sexual arousal, promote harder erections, and improve performance. This review will examine the Eroboost supplement details and evaluate its formula, efficacy, and overall value.

What is Eroboost Male Enhancement?


Eroboost is a sexual enhancement supplement for men that aims to improve blood circulation and promote harder, longer-lasting erections. The formula has bioactive ingredients that may also increase testosterone levels to heighten sexual libido and improve stamina. In addition, Eroboost could improve sperm quality and motility for enhanced fertility.

Who is the Manufacturer of Eroboost Male Enhancement?

The Eroboost manufacturer is a health and nutraceutical company called Biocyte Laboratory headquartered in Mougins, France. Founded in 2006 by Philippe Bruneau, Biocyte offers a line of health supplements and skincare products.

What Are the Key Ingredients?

Eroboost Male Enhancement contains ingredients that may help boost blood circulation to promote harder erections. In addition, it aims to improve fertility and increase testosterone levels to potentially enhance sexual libido and stamina. These are some of the primary active ingredients:

  • EnoSTIM™ - This proprietary blend of grape and apple polyphenols with saffron may enhance blood flow to the penis to promote harder erections. In addition, some evidence indicates its testosterone and libido-boosting properties.

  • Zinc - This important mineral may increase testosterone levels to heighten sexual libido and stamina. In addition, it could support a healthy prostate and improve sperm quality and motility to enhance male fertility.

  • Maca - While it may not boost testosterone levels, evidence shows that this root has aphrodisiac properties and may improve male fertility. In addition, it could heighten blood flow to promote stronger erections.

  • Tribulus Terrestris - This herb may help increase testosterone levels to elevate sexual arousal, increase stamina, and improve bedroom performance. In addition, it could have an impact on promoting harder erections.

  • D-Aspartic Acid - There’s some limited evidence showing the potential benefits of D-Aspartic acid in increasing testosterone levels and sexual libido, and it may also enhance sperm quality and motility for better fertility in men.

How Do You Take Eroboost Male Enhancement?

The recommended dosage is 3 capsules of Eroboost Male Enhancement daily with water, for 1-3 months. Do not consume more than this amount or extend usage unless directed by a medical doctor.

Who Should Take Eroboost?

Eroboost is one of many male sexual enhancement supplements on the market, and it promises to benefit adult men who want to boost sexual libido, stamina, erection strength, fertility, and overall bedroom performance. Before taking this or any other supplement, you must get medical approval from a physician.

Does Eroboost Male Enhancement Have Side Effects?

While the ingredients in Eroboost Male Enhancement appear primarily natural, we can't find a label with the full list of active and inactive substances. Some known ingredients may lead to side effects like nausea, dizziness, or upset stomach in certain users.

With some ingredients potentially unknown, we can’t completely confirm the safety of Eroboost. Before taking this supplement, you must check with your doctor to ensure that it’s medically suitable for you and has no contraindications with your other medications.

Where Can I Buy Eroboost?

Eroboost is no longer for sale on the manufacturer’s official website. You can purchase it from a few select online European retailers but note that most are out of stock at the moment. The supplement's price may vary quite a bit depending on the retailer.

Does Eroboost Male Enhancement Have a Return Policy?

While the manufacturer offers a 14-day return policy, Eroboost Male Enhancement is no longer for sale on the website so it will likely not be valid for this product. Any online retailer you buy from should have a return policy, which you should read carefully and understand before you purchase this supplement.

The Bottom Line

Eroboost Male Enhancement contains a blend of ingredients with some clinical support for their efficacy in boosting male sexual libido, stamina, performance, and fertility like maca, zinc, and Tribulus Terrestris. In addition, certain herbals may improve blood circulation to help promote harder erections and improve sexual enjoyment.

The Eroboost formula is similar to other competing brands, but there is no complete list of both the active and inactive ingredients online. For this reason, we can’t 100% guarantee its safety and there may be potential side effects. In addition, the supplement is no longer for sale from the manufacturer directly, is difficult to find online, and has no official return policy.

While Eroboost is one option for men seeking sexual enhancement benefits, there are other brands available, and it's always a good idea to carefully evaluate the market before making a final decision on the best formula for you.

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Written by Melissa Feldman

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