Evidence shows[1] that around 18.4% of U.S. men age 20 or older experience erectile problems. An unhealthy lifestyle plays a major role in erectile difficulties and other aspects of sexual performance. Nutritional supplements are helpful for men who want to manage these issues naturally. In this post, we’re going to compare two male enhancement pills side by side. These are Erectcin XL Gummies and Virectin. Find out which product is better for you below in this post.

Erectcin XL Gummies Overview

Erectcin XL is a supplement formulated specifically to improve a man’s sexual performance. Not much is known about the manufacturer of this male enhancement supplement and the lack of detailed information about the brand instigates ambiguity. It becomes difficult for potential customers to trust the brand and their supplement.

This male enhancement product is available in the form of gummies and a month’s supply contains 30 gummies. The product claims it can:

  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Increase stamina and focus
  • Amplify the desire to engage in sexual activity.

Virectin Overview

Virectin is a male enhancement supplement and one of the most well-known products in this category. Virectin is manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs, a U.S. brand with an outstanding reputation in the dietary supplement industry. Pharmaxa Labs develops some of the most popular nutritional supplements that are proven to deliver optimum results such as Phenocal for weight loss, Menoquil for menopause support, or Colopril for colon health. The official website of Virectin is a lot more transparent and provides a detailed insight into the product. It explains how the product works, and the role of every ingredient, and offers scientific evidence to support its claims. A one-month supply of Virectin contains 90 capsules with the following proven benefits:
  • Increase strength and hardness of erections
  • Improve sexual stamina
  • Boost sex drive and libido
  • Enhance staying power
  • Increase penis size
  • Elevate testosterone
  • Amplify sexual pleasure
  • Boost energy levels

How Does Erectcin XL Work?

Erectcin XL Gummies work by increasing the concentration of the hormone testosterone. By improving testosterone levels, these gummies can take sexual performance to a new level. Regular use of these gummies may widen blood vessels and increase blood flow, which is crucial for strong erections and optimal sexual performance.

The official site claims the product can also increase overall strength not only in the bedroom but also during gym workouts. Other health benefits are also stated like strengthening the immune system, improving vitality, and having anti-inflammatory effects. Erectcin XL Gummies may seem like a promising product with an interesting mechanism of action, but more detailed insight is necessary to elucidate how it works. Studies on the effectiveness and safety of the product are also important. Although the website claims that the product outperforms other brands, detailed information on the tests is not available.

How Does Virectin Work?

Quite the opposite among other brands, Virectin provides full information about its formulation, mechanism of action, and most of all, its benefits. The official website of the product features a detailed explanation of how Virectin works. This transparency places this product in the lead over its counterpart.

Virectin works by addressing the root cause of weak erections[2] and unsatisfactory sexual performance – poor blood flow. The male enhancement supplement contains ingredients that encourage optimal blood flow and improve testosterone production thereby increasing the strength of your erections.


The product functions in three phases. In the first phase, the formula penetrates the penile chambers which leads to the second phase where testosterone and nitric oxide increase. This results in the swelling of the chambers and capillaries in the genital area, which is the last and third phase, thereby improving your erections. While many supplements mask the symptoms, Virectin dives in deep to address the main causes of sexual difficulties. The proven benefits and the product’s transparency make Virectin a better choice.

Ingredients in Erectcin XL Gummies

The supplement is made of an all-natural formula that involves the following ingredients:
  • CBD: may treat erectile dysfunction by relieving stress and anxiety.
  • L-arginine: an amino acid that increases the production of nitric oxide, a chemical that widens blood vessels to improve blood flow to the genital area. This leads to engorgement i.e. erections.
  • Eurycoma longfolia: also known as longjack or tongkat ali, may increase testosterone levels, sex drive, stamina, and strength.

Due to poor transparency, the Erection XL Gummies formulation is poorly explained. These gummies may show potential, but it’s still necessary to offer a detailed insight into the formula and the roles of every ingredient.

Ingredients in Virectin

Like Erectcin XL Gummies, Virectin also prides its all-natural formula. The difference, however, is that the manufacturer prioritizes transparency to explain the purpose of every component. The ingredients in Virectin include:

  • Niacin: this B-complex vitamin promotes male sexual function by encouraging blood flow to the genital area. Studies show[3] that supplementation with niacin could prevent erectile dysfunction.

  • Selenium: influences testosterone levels and potentially improves fertility.

  • Tongkat Ali: increases the production of testosterone[4] and exhibits aphrodisiac effects.

  • Tribulus terrestris: a well-known testosterone booster.

  • L-arginine: increases nitric oxide, a vasodilator necessary for rock-hard erections.

  • Maca: positively influences male sexual and reproductive health by improving sperm quality and fertility.

  • Avena sativa: acts on testosterone to support libido and endurance. It also functions as an aphrodisiac[5].

  • Mucuna pruriens: increases testosterone levels thus promoting sexual satisfaction. It is beneficial for the reproductive health as well.

  • Fenugreek seed: beneficial for testosterone, sperm quality, and sexual function.

  • Ginkgo biloba leaf: improves circulatory health and enhances erectile function at the same time.

  • Herba epimedium: known as horny goat weed, it is good for testosterone and sexual stamina.

  • Saw palmetto: promotes hormonal balance, beneficial for prostate[6] and urinary tract.

  • Zinc: improves sexual function and libido, and plays a role in testosterone production.

  • Ashwagandha: functions as an adaptogen i.e. helps the body handle stress more effectively.

  • Damiana leaf: improves libido, endurance, and sexual function.

  • Cnidium monnieri: good for nitric oxide, circulatory health, and erectile function.

Where to Buy

Both products are available exclusively online on their respective official websites. On the one hand, Erectcin XL doesn’t have special offers for its customers. On the other hand, Virectin has convenient and practical buying options. Virectin offers a one-month supply option and a multiple-bottle purchase where customers can buy in bulk of three or five bottles. In addition, bulk purchases come with special discounts and freebies. For example, customers can get a bottle of Green Pura and a vibrating ring when they make bulk purchases. These free items efficiently elevate the value of money.

Money-Back Guarantee

Virectin comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which assures high satisfaction from customers. Although very unlikely, customers can get a refund should they decide to return the product. A customer refund system provides support with instructions for making returns. Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether Erectcin XL Gummies has the same money-back guarantee or a timeframe feature where dissatisfied customers can return the product. That said, Virectin has way more advantages over its counterpart.

User Experiences

User experiences with Virectin are quite positive. Customers praise this male enhancement pill for bringing back their stamina. These reports attest to Virectin’s potency and its efficacy for stronger erections. For most satisfied customers, Virectin is a game changer. Many users feel much younger in their 50s and are not experiencing the problems they had in their 20s or 30s. Pharmaxa Labs prioritizes transparency which is why user experiences, reviews, and testimonials take a large part of its official website. Due to a lack of transparency, potential Erectcin XL customers have no way of knowing the product’s formulation and possible side effects. This impacts their decision when choosing the right supplement for them. Virectin is a clear winner in this category.

Final Verdict

Pertinent points should be considered when comparing products side by side. This article enables potential customers which product is better between Virectin and Erectcin XL Gummies. In conclusion, Virectin is a better option for improving your sexual performance based on transparency, a scientifically proven mechanism of action, ingredients, a money-back guarantee, and added value to money. If you’re looking for a safe and effective male enhancement supplement, Virectin is the best choice.


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