Taking your sexual performance to a whole new level has never been easier than it is today. Nowadays men have a wide range of dietary supplements at their disposal. These products are a perfect fit for men who want to improve sexual performance in an entirely natural manner. Not every product is equally good, which is why comparing them side by side is extremely important. In this post, we are going to discuss Brazilian Wood Male and Virectin. You’ll learn more about their ingredients, benefits, potential drawbacks, and which will best suit your needs.

What is Brazilian Wood Male Enhancement?

Brazilian Wood Male Enhancement is a nutritional supplement aimed at improving male sexual performance and overall quality of life. The supplement comes in the form of capsules, 60 in a one-month supply bottle.

The manufacturer of Brazilian Wood is Supernatural Man, a brand founded in 2016 in New York City. The brand relies on natural formulations with top-quality ingredients. They believe that achieving a little bit more vitality creates a chain reaction that energizes a guy’s whole life.

Brazilian Wood is designed to refine a man’s performance through a powerful blend of ingredients.

What is Virectin?

Virectin is a dietary supplement that inherently exhibits male enhancement effects. It is described as a medical strength proprietary male enhancement formula that enhances virility, vitality, and vigor in men. The brand behind this product is Pharmaxa Labs, one of the most reliable names in this industry. Pharmaxa Labs formulates and manufactures a wide range of dietary supplements including Phenocal, a weight loss support supplement, and Menoquil, a dietary ingredient that relieves symptoms of menopause.

A one-month supply of Virectin includes 90 capsules. Men across the globe use Virectin regularly to improve their performance in bed.

How Does Brazilian Wood Work?

Brazilian Wood functions by enhancing blood flow to the penile area. This causes the penis to become engorged, resulting in a strong erection. Additionally, the product can improve a man’s mood and increase his energy or stamina levels for improved performance. The ingredients in Brazilian Wood stimulate the production of new cells in the blood chambers, thereby increasing their capacity.

With regular use, Brazilian Wood promises to revitalize passion, improve performance, increase blood flow, and help men achieve lasting satisfaction. The product may also increase testosterone levels and elevate sensuality. This is particularly important because low testosterone may impair erectile function.[1]

How Does Virectin Work?

Virectin has a similar mechanism of action. The product addresses one of the root causes of sexual problems – poor blood flow. Erectile dysfunction[2] occurs due to the inability to fill penile tissues and chambers to produce engorgement. Virectin contains ingredients that increase the production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator that allows blood to flow more freely and fill out tissues and chambers in the penis to give you strong and durable erections.

Additionally, Virectin works by increasing testosterone levels and promoting hormonal balance. Low testosterone is behind problems[3] with erection, sex drive, libido, and other aspects of sexual performance.

The product yields quick results with consistent use, and the benefits continue to improve over time. According to the official website, around 95% of users reported their testosterone levels increased while 86% experienced better performance in the bedroom within the first week of use.

Ingredients in Brazilian Wood

Brazilian Wood, like many other dietary supplements, relies on herbs and natural compounds, such as:

  • Yohimbine: reignites your desire for electrifying performance between the sheets.
  • L-arginine: boosts the production of nitric oxide, which is crucial for erections.
  • Muira puama: improves several aspects of sexual performance including erections and libido.
  • Catuba bark: is known for its effects on arousal and performance.
  • Guarana seed: increases energy levels.
  • Ginger root: supports penile blood flow and promotes overall wellness.

Ingredients in Virectin

Virectin has a more comprehensive formula, which relies on the following ingredients:

  • Niacin: important for male sexual function, especially erections.
  • Selenium: useful for reproductive health in men and increases production of testosterone, may improve sperm quality and motility.
  • Tongkat ali: supports testosterone balance[4] and acts as an aphrodisiac.
  • Tribulus terrestris: a well-known testosterone booster, enhances arousal and endurance.
  • L-arginine: increases nitric oxide production.
  • Maca: improves sexual performance and reproductive health.
  • Avena sativa: beneficial for testosterone, libido, and stamina.
  • Mucuna pruriens: promotes healthy testosterone and sexual satisfaction.
  • Fenugreek seed: improves libido and sperm quality[5].
  • Ginkgo biloba: improves circulation and mood.
  • Horny goat weed: promotes sexual stamina.
  • Saw palmetto: restores hormonal balance, and supports prostate health.
  • Zinc: supports sexual and reproductive health.
  • Ashwagandha: helps the body adapt to stress.
  • Damiana: improves libido, endurance, and sexual function.
  • Cnidium monnieri: useful for nitric oxide and erectile function.

Where to Buy Brazilian Wood Male Enhancement and Virectin?

The best place to buy both products is on their respective official websites. This way, you can be confident that the product you receive is legitimate. The price of these products is quite similar, but Virectin is a bit more affordable and also comes with a free vibrating ring. When you purchase Virectin in bulk (three or five bottles) you will also receive freebies and other supplements. The manufacturer of Virectin created special offers for customers to get more products for less money.

Brazilian Wood Male Enhancement doesn’t come with interesting special offers. However, you can buy the product at a lower price if you subscribe.

Money-Back Guarantee

Brazilian Wood comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee while Virectin is covered with a no-hassle 60-day money-back guarantee from the day it’s received. In both cases, only purchases from the official websites are eligible for refunds. That means you shouldn’t buy Brazilian Male or Virectin from third-party websites and resellers.

User Reviews

Both products have positive reviews from men who have tried or used these supplements regularly. Brazilian Wood users explain they’ve noticed improvements within a few weeks, which translated to their confidence boost.

On the other hand, Virectin is dubbed as a game changer that helps men restore their stamina and improve performance and sex life. One user reported he is in his 50s and doesn’t have problems he experienced in his 20s and 30s thanks to Virectin.


Brazilian Wood Male Enhancement and Virectin are two similar products for improving sexual performance. Although they work in a similar manner, Virectin is a better option. Virectin has a more comprehensive formula with ingredients whose benefits are evidence-based. Moreover, Virectin has legions of loyal users which only confirm the product's effectiveness. Additionally, the process of requesting a refund from Virectin is simpler and more transparent. When purchasing Virectin, you also receive complimentary products such as other supplements or a vibrating ring.


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Dr. Ahmed Zayed

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